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10+1 Cue Sequencer



It is a 10+1 cue sequencer for firing fireworks and pyrotechnics that allow you to add unique effects with your fireworks shows using your current firing system. With this device you will be able to add sequencing programs such as: All Firing, Same Time Firing between cue delay, and Different Time Firing between cues.

The sequencer is started by supplying a 6-30DC volt pulse into the Trigger Input terminals. At the end of the sequence, a pulse will come out of the Trigger Output terminals. This can be used to start another sequencer. In this way, many sequencers can be linked together for a longer sequence. The system with over-loading protection function. It is a advanced technology which can ensure the system for long time use.

Congratulations in choosing one of the best consumer sequencer machines!

Over-loading protection:


2014 New version firing systems have Overload Protection. The function is not through fuse, it is through special design in hardware and firmware. You don't need to worry about short igniter or any misoperation will damage the firing systems and don't need to replace fuse. It is a advanced technology can ensure the system for long time use.

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