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Kingdom 18Cue Firing System


It is a 18 cue advanced wireless firing system for pyrotechnics and fireworks. This system is not only powerful, compact ,waterproof and reliable, it also is expandable. With the supplied handheld transmitter it is expandable up to 54cues using up to 3 receivers. Each receiver can be controlled by the transmitter(1-3 channel)independently in Single Firing, Step Firing, Sequence Firing and All Firing. You can also program multiple receivers to the same channel to infinity if you need simultaneous ignition from multiple firing locations.

As with all our products, this one can be used safely and securely with our other systems. Additionally, it can be combined with our advanced control desk (KFE2209/18) offering you the ability to take control of all the operating systems in your show in one convenient location.

It also have a input and output trigger function started by suppliing a 6-30DC volt pulse into the trigger input terminals. At the end of the sequence, a pulse will come out. This can be used to start another sequencer. In this way,many sequencers can be linked together for a longer sequence. It allow you to add unique effects with your fireworks shows by using your current firing system. 

It is also expandable up to 288 cues in Sequencer Firing modes up to 16 receiver modules controlled by S channel on the radio control desk KFE2209/18/.

With advanced over-loading protection function, it can ensure the firing systems for long time use.

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