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4 Cue radio firing system



Kingdom proudly announces the newest wireless product in our firing line. This N x4Cue Firing System has been designed to fill the needs of those pyrotechnicians who need smaller cue counts that can be spread around the shoot site thus saving in wire and clutter. It is also widely used for the wedding celebrations, part shows, stage performance, movie special effects and some special occasions. Additionally, this system is capable of igniting consumer grade clip style igniters and professional grade e-matches.


As with all our products, this one can be used safely and securely with our other systems. Additionally, it can be combined with our advanced control desk KFE2209/18 offering you the ability to take control of all the operating systems in your show in one convenient location.


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This system is not only powerful, compact and reliable, it also is expandable. Using just 1 remote transmitter, you can control up to 24cues discretely. If however you combine this with our control desk KFE2209/18/2 you increase the discrete cue control to 44. You also have an infinite number of cues available by combining multiple remotes together. Likewise, you can also program multiple receiver modules to the same firing channel to infinity if you need simultaneous ignition from multiple firing locations.  
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