Inventory products sell at a low price !--Kingdom Firing Systems

Inventory products sell at a low price !

Inventory products sell at a low price 11th- Aug-2015

There is some 18cue and 20cue old radio firing system for selling at a very low pirce! 118.00USD/ SET. It is produced in 2010, but never used.

Waterproof design, remote control type, output voltage: DC12 volts, Each cue can fire around 10-12pcs of e-matches. Built in battery, charger.

Since it is old firing system, so it has only single control ignition function, besides, the 18cue firing system can also act as 18cue sequencer.

Special offer, the price is 1/4 of similar products in the market. Inventory 20sets of each. Friends who like it please contact us as soon as possible.

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