About Kingdom

  Our company was established in 1998, mainly engaged in research and production of fireworks ignition equipments. We have always been committed to the development and production of a series of safe use, simple operation and low price of fireworks ignition systems.

We use the advanced technology and testing equipments of electronic products in the world for the production of our firing systems. It is enough to ensure the quality of the products. That 's big difference from others who are still taking manual manufacturing process.

We have a professional fireworks show team with rich experience which has made great contribution to the development of our products. After years of development, we have developed more than 30 different types of products. It covers the general consumer and professional grades. It gives customers more choices.

We also provide customers with a world-class after-sales service. We provide free repairing service to all the products whether new or old.

We also provide 4 different grades of professional piromusic ignition systems. The price of the most expensive one is only 1/10 the price of the European and American ignition systems. It has broken the mythology of buying advanced ignition system at a very very high price! It is also the gospel for the world's fireworks lovers and special effects designers.

Our products have been sold to more than 120 countries in the world with tens of thousands of loyal users. Welcome friends from different countries and regions to visit us for business discussion. Thank you for taking time to view our products!

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