We have always committed to the development of a series of simple operation, safety use and easily learned fireworks ignition systems.
The product appearance is concise. Just by touching a few buttons can quickly complete the setting of ignition modes, synchronization and auto firing modes. The states of real-time battery capacity and battery charging are simple and direct.
Editing mode and ignition operation of the pyromusic software are so easily learned. Do not need special training.


1, Waterproof design.
2, The box is provided with outlet holes for easily inserting ignitors.
3, The control signal is strong, long distance.
4, The exchange of information encryption, strong anti-interference.
5, High output voltage, strong ignition ability.
6, All products can be extended, suitable for large and small fireworks shows.
7, Professional grade systems can be used for piromusic shows


All of these quality products have been sold to more than 120 countries and regions in the world with tens of thousands of loyal users. This is not only because it has a good design, reliable quality, but also the lowest prices. Its price is only 1/10 of Europe and the United States ignition systems .It has broken the mythology of buying advanced ignition system at a high price It is also the gospel for the world's fireworks lovers.

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